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In 2019, the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with the Historical Society conducted an extensive DNA study looking into the genetic diversity and the role that kinship has played in shaping 17th century migration patterns to the Chesapeake colonies of Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. The project's leader, Raquel Fleskes is well-known to those who participated in the study. Along with her Doctoral Advisor, Dr. Theodore Schurr, Raquel’s last visited us at the College of Southern Maryland in early 2020. when she and Dr. Schurr presented their early findings. Now a National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Fleskes returns to the Historical Society to present updated findings from the project and ancient DNA research.
The Legend of Moll Dyer - and the rock which is testimony to the Legend - are well known in St Mary's County and beyond. On February 26, 2021, the Moll Dyer Rock was moved to its current location adjacent to Tudor Hall, the home of the St Mary's County Historical Society. One year later, the Historical Society, along with the Town of Leonardtown, Visit St Mary's MD, and the Leonardtown Business Association came together to present the first annual celebration of the Legend of Moll Dyer. With a theme of "Be Kind!", Moll Dyer Day opened with a celebration at Tudor Hall.
The annual Spring Meeting and Dinner of the St Mary's County Historical Society. Held on May 21, 2021, the theme was "What's In A Name" - recalling the names - especially the nicknames - and the people who carried them in St Mary's County. Presented by Pete Himmelheber and Pat Woodburn.
On February 26, 2021, the Moll Dyer Rock was moved to and unveiled at Tudor Hall. In its new location, it will be better protected from the elements in order to preserve the Rock and the Legend of Moll Dyer for generations to come. The Legend of Moll Dyer and the history of the Moll Dyer Rock are recounted in this short, nine-minute video.
Remarks by Executive Director Peter LaPorte at Leonardtown's 2019 Veterans Day parade and commemoration.