St. Mary’s County Historical Society

About Us


The St. Mary’s County Historical Society collects, preserves, researches, and interprets the history of St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Our collections are held in trust for the use and education of the public.  They are primarily composed of documentary and archival materials with a focus on the county’s people, places, and events.  This information is made available at the Historical Society's Research Center, through publications such as The Chronicles of St. Mary’s and the Tudor Hall Times as well as through programs and exhibits. The Historical Society also provides stewardship of 18th century Tudor Hall which serves as its headquarters.  
The St Mary's County Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Operating Year: January - December 2022

Board of Directors
President: Dr. John W. Roache
Vice President: Tim Heely
Secretary: Ernest Ernest Bell
Treasurer: Christine Senese
Director: Barbara Ives
Director: Gene Wood
Director: Michael Mummaugh
Director: Hon. Roy P. Dyson
Director: Catherine A Bowes
Director: Peter Himmelheber
Director: Diane Mangel
Director: Jason Babcock
Director: Patrick D. Woodburn
Director: John Sterling Houser
Director: Joyce Neal, M.D.
Director: Susan Lawrence Dyer
Executive Director: Peter LaPorte
Administrative Assistant: Mary Wolfe
Archivist: Vacant
Committees & Chairs
Buildings and Grounds: Michael Mummaugh
Development: Barbara Ives
Editor: Chronicles of St Marys: Jason Babcock
Finance: Christine Senese
Marketing: Vacant
Membership: Susan Lawrence Dyer
Nominating: Hon. Roy P. Dyson
Programs & Events: Catherine A Bowes
Publications: Peter Himmelheber
Research & Collections: Vacant
Technology: John Sterling Houser
Volunteers: Vacant
Chronicles of St Mary: Jason Babcock
Tudor Hall Times: Peter LaPorte
Website Administrator: John Sterling Houser