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The Saint Mary's County Historical Society
                         is located in Tudor Hall in downtown Leonardtown.                              
     Street Address: 41680 Tudor Place, Leonardtown, MD 20650
Tudor Hall. Home of the SMCHS
Tudor Hall ca. 1746
 Home of the St. Mary's County Historical Society
Tudor Hall is an important 18th century house in St. Mary's County, Maryland. Of the Georgian architecture, it is the oldest building in Leonardtown. Tudor Hall was built by the Barnes family, either Abraham or his son, Richard, both of whom were active in the American Revolution. The name Tudor Hall was given to the house by a 19th century owner, Henry G.S. Key, a cousin of Francis Scott Key.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2016
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Saint Mary's County Historical Society, Inc. a non-profit 501(c)(3) 

Many things make St. Mary's  County a special place to live -- beautiful landscape, stunning  waterways, interesting people. At the heart of what makes our home so special is the rich history that creates the backdrop for our place in time. Learning about our County's history creates a connection to those that have gone before us -- their idealism, their courage, their struggles, their successes. Whether you are new to our County or can trace your family to the Ark and Dove, you are creating today's history. By being a member of the Society, you can make your connection to that rich history.  We think places matter because of the history that has made them.  Explore that history with us.  Learn, research, contribute, have fun.  Get to know this great place you have chosen to call home.  
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St. Mary's County has been making history since the Ark and Dove arrived here from England in March 1634. Maryland was the 4th successful English colony in what was to become the United States and St. Mary's is known as the Mother County of Maryland. Established in 1951, the St. Mary's County Historical Society strives to identify, collect, and preserve materials of any kind related to the history of this area. Find and follow your roots and history back to 1634.